Friday, 31 October 2014

Sidescroller: Engine Art

Just as quickly as one was over, another crawls in to take its place. Its another group project!

The teams? Team. One team. The whole year is a team. Its one big team project.

The Sidescroller

Produce a game in UE4 comprised of four levels (Hot, Happy, Cold, Scary) as a sidescrolling platformer, featuring 2 characters (M/F) and 3 NPCs.

Everyone has been pre-assigned roles - 5x Character artists, 4x Concept Artists, 12x Environment Artists and 2x Engine Artists.

Roles were picked based on people's listed interests in a blind survey. I listed "Engine" thinking the question was more about "What would you like more practise with?" as opposed to "What is your specialism?"

HAHA. Thanks Chelsea. You got us into this mess.

It feels strange to be head scratching with a notepad and biro. Bullet pointing paraphrases onto cheap lined paper with a click pen who's original owner remains long a mystery. I'm used to just doodling and calling it work. This is old skool study. Like what normal students do.

As a total foreigner to Unreal Engine 4, this is going to take a bit of work. I've had precisely zero experience in Engine programming systems, and I suppose with the newness of Blueprints in UE4 (previously Kismet), I'm not the only one new to it.

But dang it would help if I had that beautiful programmery logic - it feels like quite a learning curve.

Okay. Mmhm. Yep. Right. Gotcha. Ok. 
To break it down a bit more, my responsibilities are Technical Art,  Level Design and Game Design. All of these things are new processes for me. So this project is sure to be a real humdinger. But honestly, I'm super excited about it. I could be about to find out this is absolutely the last thing I should ever be responsible for, but on the flipside this could be something that really sticks. 

Final word though is that this project is going to be a lot of fun. Prepare for things to break! 

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