Saturday, 1 November 2014

Basic Platforming Blueprints

Hey guys!

Here's all the current major platforming Blueprints that we've managed to get going so far. I'll update as we figure more stuff out or perfect the things we're shaky on.


Basic Function: Running into an object consumes it.

More uses: Doesn't have to be coins, could be orbs or stars or curly-wurlys - whatever you come up with. Could also be keys or hidden collectables. 

Simple Pacing Enemies
Yeah. I had literally no idea how to illustrate this. I tried. 
Basic Function: Enemy moves from side to side/up and down/diagonally etc and kills on touch. Use jumps and good timing to avoid.

More uses: Not sure about any advanced uses for this yet. At the moment our hero is passive (well, he/she is a monk after all) so we're presuming we can't kill enemies.

Platform: Moving

Basic Function: Classic animate platforms. Up/Down, Side to Side, Diagonal.

More uses: Can be stationary until activated (as an elevator or a tram or whatnot). Or we could try to make rotary movements (like a Big Wheel) if it was requested.Any other paths that you come up with we can try out.


Basic Function: One false step and its over. Fail your jumps and fall to your death.

More uses: Could be lava, water, gunge, whatever you don't want to end up in. Doesn't need a static mesh as it could just be a black hole.

Motion Activated Lighting

Basic Function: Can run past lanterns/candles etc. and have them come alight. Character runs though triggers that activate the lights.

More uses: Could alight other assets like a mushroom's emissive glow. Could change the colour of assets as you pass them so you feel like you are "painting" the environment. Or even be used to set off particle effects so that dust crumbles from the ceiling, or fires ignite.

Platform: Seesaw

The box and the blue line would not be featured. I just included them as a self-reference to how the seesaw pivot works.
Basic Function: A platform that tilts depending on your postion, and can be encouraged to rock faster and more severely if you run back and forth on it to gain momentum. 
It is hinged to a still object (that would be hidden in game) like a chandelier.

More uses: Maybe with a wind system in place we could have decorative pieces swaying in the background? Honestly we haven't tested this one enough yet to say how adventurous it could be. I just play on the seesaw and forget what I was supposed to be doing.

Platform: Limited Life

Basic Function: After you jump onto these platforms they flash briefly before vanishing under your feet. Lasts just a second.

More uses: Not really much to spice up here. Just a classic.

Falling Hazards

Basic Function: A nasty object falls from the ceiling to kill you. You need good reactions and pacing to avoid getting the crush.

More uses: Obviously not just a rack of spikes, could be individual icicles or boulders or dripping lava or whatever you can come up with. Alternatively, these hazards could be raised back to the ceiling after falling and just drop over and over (think plunging pillars) and you would time your run between the gaps. 

There are a few others that are possible that I either couldn't get a great screencap of or I haven't had the chance to set up in a test scene.

Opening Doors: Either on approach, or pressing a button to activate. 

Hopefully I haven't missed anything, but I will add on as more stuff gets worked out over at team Engine.

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